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Premier Pallet Racking
Used Pallet Racking
Beams & Frames
Mezzanine Floors
Mesh Decks

We buy and sell 2nd hand pallet packing

What are typical projects for 2nd hand pallet packing?

Small and large racking and storage projects

Used pallet racking beams and frames are a great solution for warehouse racking, warehouse shelving, commercial shelving, self-storage, industrial shelving, shop shelving, long-span shelving, garage shelving, workshop shelving, farm storage, mezzanine floors, wire mesh decks, DIY racking and DIY shelving projects.

No minimum purchase quantity. Phone us or send an email with a description of your project idea.

DIY Pallet Racking Projects

What brands and types of used pallet racking does Premier carry?

Premier carry the major brands of used pallet racking

  • Pallet Racking - Schaefer / Dexion / Colby / APC / Spacerack
  • Warehouse Shelving - Schaefer / Dexion / Colby / APC / Spacerack
  • Long Span Shelving - Schaefer / Dexion / Colby / APC / Spacerack
  • Mezzanine Floors - We supply new and used Schaefer, used Dexion / Colby / APC / Spacerack rack supported mezzanines, and new Schaefer structural mezzanines
  • Mesh Decks - We supply new Schaefer for all sizes and weight requirements and used Schaefer / Dexion / Colby / APC / Spacerack when available
  • Cantilever Racking - we only supply new Schaefer

We also carry the following brands in various configurations. Contact us to find our current stock.

  • Macrack
  • Brownbuilt
  • Alpha

Some of our used pallet racking beams and frames

We have warehouses of used pallet racking. Send a message or give us a ring.

Used Colby and Dexion pallet racking frames

Colby & Dexion

Used Dexion pallet racking frames


Used Schaefer and Dexion pallet racking

Schaefer & Dexion

Used Colby and Schaefer pallet racking frames

Colby & Schaefer

Used Spacerack pallet racking frames


Used APC Dexion copy pallet beams

Dexion copy

Used Dexion pallet racking frames


Used pallet racking frames


Schaefer pallet racking beams and mesh decks


Used Dexion pallet racking frames


Used Spacerack and Colby pallet racking beams

Spacerack & Colby

Used Spacerack pallet racking frames


Where are Premier's used pallet racking beams and frames located?


Premier Pallet Racking has warehouses of used pallet racking beams and frames located around Australia and we can deliver Australia-wide.

Send us a message, give us a ring or visit a warehouse with used pallet racking near you.

Can 2nd hand racking be delivered to rural areas?

Premier Pallet Racking provides Australia-wide delivery including rural locations

Yes, ideal for building a farm warehouse and general farm storage, Premier will arrange for new and used pallet racking beams and frames to be delivered to your location, rural and city areas, across Australia.

How do I inspect used racking if I am buying remotely?

We can do Video or Zoom inspections of used pallet racking

Premier can offer a smartphone video or zoom call to show the used pallet racking, warehouse shelving, mesh decks, mezzanine floors, and discuss requirements and warehouse design.

Are small or large projects more suited to used pallet racking?

Used pallet racking is not necessarily restricted to small projects.

Premier can do small or large projects using new and used pallet racking. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

What is the price of used pallet racking? Is used pallet racking cheaper than new?

Cost is the major advantage in used pallet racking

Used pallet racking can be up to 20% cheaper. Price is not the only advantage of used pallet racking. Some older racking has been built stronger with a thicker grade of steel which can be considered an advantage in some instances.

Are there any disadvantages of used pallet racking?

For Premier, there are no real disadvantages in used pallet racking

Premier hold an enormous range of used pallet racking beams and frames. We maintain the highest standards with our supply of racking, installation, and service. We can do very large projects with new or used pallet racking and we are also very happy to supply just a single beam.

Is new or used pallet racking quicker to install?

It can be quicker to install new pallet racking compared to used pallet racking

The new pallet racking frames are generally pre-constructed. Used pallet racking and warehouse shelving might have to be cleaned and end-of-aisle labels removed. Therefore, it is worthwhile contacting Premier to discuss the most cost-effective and time-effective solution. Premier is happy to supply and install both new and used pallet racking and new and used warehouse shelving, mezzanine floors, mesh decks.

What is the minimum amount of used pallet racking that I have to buy?

There is no minimum quantity

Premier can supply you with just one pallet racking beam or frame, or supply, design, and install multi-million-dollar projects, across Australia.

Do I need certification for each separate beam of used pallet racking?

The finished structure is certified after installation

Premier will certify and apply Load Signs for new and used pallet racking installed by Premier.

If I repair a pallet racking beam in my warehouse do I need to get re-certified?

A check might be required if pallet racking beam levels are changed or a LAD beam is replaced

A re-certification will not necessarily be required, but if the beam levels are changed, or a 'lift a deck' (LAD) beam is changed, then it should be checked by a certified pallet racking supplier or installer.

Can used pallet racking affect certification?

Used pallet racking is fine provided it is physically sound

It makes no difference to the certification whether new or used pallet racking beams and frames are installed on a project, provided the used beams are physically sound, and the structure is designed and installed correctly by an experienced installation team.

Can used pallet racking be mixed with new pallet racking?

Mixing new and used pallet racking is fine provided the used pallet racking is physically sound

Premier is happy to provide a solution using new, used, or a mixture of new and used pallet racking as per your requirements.

Can different brands of pallet racking be mixed?

Brands can be mixed if approved by our structural engineer

If mixed brands of pallet racking are used, perhaps extending an existing structure, it is important to use an experienced company such as Premier Pallet Racking who can provide the necessary design and installation skills.

What are the important factors when mixing brands of pallet racking in an installation?

It is very important to know the load rating when mixing brands of pallet racking

Designing a mixed-brand structure requires the specifications of each brand to be known. There is a lot of Dexion pallet racking copy on the market, so it is necessary to know the brand of the copy and have accurate load ratings. Premier can design using a mix of brands and load rate the completed structure.

Can Premier obtain new pallet racking brands to complement existing used pallet racking?

Premier can obtain all the leading brands of new pallet racking

Premier can obtain and install pallet racking from the leading brands such as Schaefer, Dexion, Colby, Macrack, Brownbuilt, Spacerack, APC, Alpha.

Can I buy new and used pallet racking from Premier if I have my own installers?

Yes, Premier can supply pallet racking beams and frames, or provide the complete solution with racking, design, and installation

Premier is happy to provide just the pallet racking without installation, however, the load rating of the final structure will be done by the actual installers. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced installation team. If in doubt, talk to Premier about installation and certification of your pallet racking.

Can Premier do the installation if I already have some used pallet racking?

Yes, Premier has experienced installation teams who can install your used pallet racking.

Premier will check the condition of the used pallet racking beams and frames supplied by the client to ensure no damaged racking is installed. Premier Pallet Racking will load rate and provide certification after installing the completed pallet racking structure.

Does Premier trade in used pallet racking when doing a new project?

Yes, Premier can trade in your used pallet racking.

Talk with us at Premier about a trade-in deal for your used pallet racking.

Does Premier buy used pallet racking without a new project?

Yes, Premier can buy your used pallet racking.

Premier Pallet Racking is happy to buy used pallet racking such as when a warehouse is being decommissioned or upgraded.

Does Premier dismantle existing pallet racking?

Yes, Premier Racking can dismantle an existing pallet racking structure.

Premier Racking is happy to buy and dismantle an existing pallet racking structure.

Warehouse full of racking

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Premier Pallet Racking specialise in new and used pallet racking; design, quote, supply, installation, certification, safety audits, repairs, relocation, make-good, pallet racking value assessments and buybacks. We design pallet racking solutions and integrate the racking layout/elevations with the warehouse building structures, staging area and egress requirements.

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